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Parental Control in Roblox - How to Prevent Tax Evasion in Children Without Impacting Parents  [...]
Author: Ph.D. Jorge Rodríguez

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Steam Winter Sale
Freedom Games


The Steam Winter Sale starts at 10 am PT/1pm ET and will run from December 21, 2023 to January 4, 2024.

Enjoy this unique way to support indie developers in our Freedom Games Steam Winter Sale Bundle! Get the most unique experiences while helping grow the indie community and enjoying our line up of award winning games! The Steam Winter Sale is a great opportunity to get games on discount, and we're delivering some of the best titles of the year from our portfolio in this unique Steam Winter Sale Bundle!

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Take-Two Announces Pricing of Add-On Offering of $350 Million of Senior Notes  [...]

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The Caribbean Sail adds Steamboat Willie as a playable character  [...]

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Bullet Hell Top-Down Shooters Get a Cartoony Makeover in Deadlocked  [...]

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CrossBone - If you're a freedom addict, Van Life Simulator is your ultimate fix! Customize your dream van, roam freely, and dive into the addictively immersive world of nomadic living.

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Hoop Land Update Adds Custom Draft Classes, Fantasy Draft and Much More  [...]

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Xbox Rumor Suggests Big Changes Could Be Coming to Achievements  [...]

[ Source: The Tech Game ]

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Whalestork Interactive - The Night is Grey is out now. Get it on Steam!

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Monster Hunter Rise has now sold 13 million copies, World 23 million  [...]

[ Source: My Nintendo News ]

New Video Game Releases in Week 1 of January  [...]

[ Source: Video Games Blogger ]

Baker Street Breakouts: A Sherlockian Escape Adventure - Review  [...]

[ Source: Adventure Gamers ]

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Nestach - Together with your unique set of spears and abilities explore the world of Beyonder to uncover what dark evil have emerged and what has happened to your lost friend. Check out the action platformer Project Beyonder!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

BC Game Crash Game Review: An Adrenaline-Fueled Game Experience  [...]

[ Source: Jay is games ]

Kickback Slug: Cosmic Courier - Review (Nintendo Switch)  [...]

[ Source: Pure Nintendo ]

Tekken 8 Got Promised Demo on Steam  [...]

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Official PlayStation Trailer

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Star Trek Infinite - Review (PC)  [...]

[ Source: The Gamers Lounge ]

Free $20 Steam credit available to claim now  [...]

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Xbox Game Pass new games for January 2024  [...]

[ Source: Dot Esports ]

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Casebook 1899: The Leipzig Murders - A pixel art point & click detective adventure game where you have to draw your own conclusions to identify the right suspect - Casebook 1899: The Leipzig Murders. It comes out later this year, but you can already wishlist it on Steam!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Fortnite Hotfix Kills Winterfest 2023 Items, Adds Back Others  [...]

[ Source: cgm ]

NYXI Hyperion Pro Controller Review - Just About Right For Nintendo Switch  [...]

[ Source: GamerHub ]

World Of Warcraft Previews Seeds Of Renewal Content Arriving On January 16  [...]

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The Darkside Detective - The Steam Winter Sale ends tomorrow. Both of the Darkside Detective games are discounted. Spooky cases, bizarre adventures and some other stuff probably... Check them out on Steam!

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PS5 PlayStation Plus Essential Games: The Complete List  [...]

[ Source: Cultured Vultures ]

First Impressions - Skull and Bones: Closed Beta  [...]

[ Source: Jump Dash Roll ]

DREDGE: The Pale Reach DLC - Review  [...]

[ Source: XboxAddict ]

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Rocking Toy - ONLY HOURS LEFT to get Beyond the Wall at half off on Steam Winter Sale!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

THE FINALS players slam ‘impossible’ battle pass  [...]

[ Source: GGRecon ]

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Console Performance Revealed  [...]

[ Source: WhatIfGaming ]

VR Skater getting new DLC and 1.0 release on Steam  [...]

[ Source: Gaming Nexus ]

9 new Xbox and Game Pass games you should be playing in January 2024  [...]

[ Source: TheXboxHub ]

Assetto Corsa Competizione - GT2 Pack KTM X-BOW GT2 Teaser  [...]

[ Source: Bsimracing ]

Star Wars Outlaws said to be launching in late 2024  [...]

[ Source: Gamereactor ]

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Astrild Games - Steam Winter Sale is almost over! Just one more day before the promotion ends. Save 65% on Path To Gaea on Steam.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

The first Nintendo Switch flash cart can’t be blocked by firmware updates  [...]

[ Source: Stealth Optional ]

Squad Chaos: Kill the Justice League 2024  [...]

[ Source: Gaming Hub HQ ]

Frogwares now sole publisher of The Sinking City following dispute with Nacon  [...]

[ Source: Eurogamer ]

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dotAGE - dotAGE is now Steam Deck Verified! Time to jump on the game if you own one!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Slitterhead: Everything We Know  [...]

[ Source: Gaming Network ]

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Opening Level & Boss Fight Showcased In New Gameplay Footage  [...]

[ Source: PSU ]

League of Legends - Primal Ambush Skins Leaked  [...]

[ Source: The Game Haus ]

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Cosmic Void - Only 32 hours left to grab Blood Nova, our point and click space opera adventure, with deep royal space lore, think Dune. It's 60% off on Steam!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Free Fire MAX upcoming special events and free rewards for New Year 2024  [...]

[ Source: Free Fire Booyah! ]

3DS and DS Style AYANEO FLIP KB and DS Indiegogo Page Opens  [...]

[ Source: Siliconera ]

Rise Of The Ronin Pre-Order Has Three Exclusive Bonuses Up For Grabs  [...]

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Official PlayStation Trailer

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Fortnite x Devil May Cry and Avatar: Leaks reveal new details about possible collaboration in the game  [...]

[ Source: GamingonPhone ]

Astral Ascent Review: Free The World  [...]

[ Source: Hey Poor Player ]

Dead By Daylight 2024 roadmap for new DBD survivor and updates  [...]

[ Source: VideoGamer ]

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Tactic Legends - Tactic Legends finally has a single player mode! The latest update includes a practice mode vs an easy AI opponent which you must win to unlock ranked matches. The update is live now on iOS.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Fortnite Brings Back its Stranger Things Bundle  [...]

[ Source: CBR ]

Square Enix raises doubts with its "new" AI and blockchain direction  [...]

[ Source: XFire ]

GTA VI Plot Leaked: Fans Speculate on Shocking Ending  [...]

[ Source: Game Is Hard ]

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The Unknown - Step into the mind of Mike and explore the depths of a twisted reality in this psychological horror first-person platformer. Demo is available on Steam.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

The biggest video games launching in January 2024  [...]

[ Source: GamesHub ]

Fate/Samurai Remnant DLC 1 Teaser Trailer Slices Out  [...]

[ Source: MP1st ]

Slay the Princess Breaks New Ground for Narrative Storytelling  [...]

[ Source: GiN ]

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Plisitol - Plisitol Jam Collection is still on sale on and will soon be updated with a new included game!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Fallout 76 Dev Celebrates the Game’s 17 Million Players by Hyping Fans for the Spring 2024 Atlantic City Installment  [...]

[ Source: FandomWire ]

F2P Social Deduction ‘iLLANG’ Pre-registration Now Available on Google Play Store with Registration Goals  [...]

[ Source: XboxEra ]

Kojima Provides Update on Death Stranding 2 and His Many Other Productions  [...]

[ Source: Wccftech ]

Forgotten but Unbroken

Forgotten but Unbroken Banner

Forgotten but Unbroken is a tactical turn-based strategy game inspired by XCOM but offers its own unique take on the genre. Meet historical WW2 heroes and fight against elite fighters of the 3rd Reich! It’s time to lead the resistance against the Axis forces and help to liberate Europe!

Read more  [...]

[ GameTikker ]

Square Enix’s president says it will be ‘aggressive in applying’ AI  [...]

[ Source: VGC ]

Welcome to ParadiZe Gameplay Trailer Revealed  [...]

[ Source: Chit Hot ]

Indie Horror The Mystery Of Eigengrau Is Looking Interesting  [...]

[ Source: Droid Gamers ]

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Floramancer: Seeds & Spells - Very excited to announce Floramancer releases on MARCH 5TH! Wishlist on Steam!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Amazon Luna Announces Prime Games for January 2024  [...]

[ Source: Cloud Dosage ]

Xbox Game Pass added $9000 worth of games in 2023  [...]

[ Source: Destructoid ]

Modders working on an offline mode for The Day Before, 2023’s most controversial kind-of-MMO  [...]

[ Source: GamesRadar+ ]

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Nick Donnoli Games - The mouse is finally free! Play the Moussacre Demo on Steam now!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Skul: The Hero Slayer hits 2 million copies sold  [...]

[ Source: Game Developer ]

These Are Valve's Top 12 Most Played Steam Deck Games Of 2023  [...]

[ Source: Games in Hand ]

Maserati MC20 Confirmed for Assetto Corsa Competizione GT2 Car Pack  [...]

[ Source: RaceDepartment ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

AcroGames - AcroGames's FREE GAME DAYS! For a few days, our games are now free to download at There's no better time to check out The Finnish War, Sotidrokhima, etc. than now.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Trinity Fusion - Metacritic Score  [...]

[ Source: Metacritic ]

Deadlink - Review  [...]

[ Source: GameGrin ]

Persona 5 Tactica Switch Review  [...]

[ Source: Impulse Gamer ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]

Storm Warfare Introduces Dynamic NFT Commanders  [...]

[ Source: PlayToEarn ]

Astlibra Gaiden: The Cave of Phantom Mist releases for PC via Steam in Q1 2024  [...]

[ Source: RPG Site ]

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Review  [...]

[ Source: Shacknews ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Aeternum Game Studios - Do you want to live an unique metroidvania experience? Aeterna Noctis now 60% off on Steam, PlayStation and Nintendo.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

FAV Gaming announce departure from Rainbow Six Siege  [...]

[ Source: Siege GG ]

Assetto Corsa Competizione: Maserati GT2 Teaser  [...]

[ Source: BoxThisLap ]

WalkScape: RuneScape-Like Walking MMORPG Closed Beta Set for January 18th  [...]

[ Source: Hardcore Gamer ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Unreal Engine - The Marketplace Holiday Sale is ending in 12 hours, with great savings of up to 70% on 24,000+ products.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Modders Are Trying to Preserve The Day Before  [...]

[ Source: Insider Gaming ]

Eight Indie Android Games to Look Out for in 2024  [...]

[ Source: Hardcore Droid ]

Last Train Home - Review  [...]

[ Source: MonsterVine ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Oba Games - Love manager games and battles? Play Hakan's War Manager. Lead your clan to victory in the War League. Fight, recruit, train, defeat. Wishlist now and join the war!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

JSAUX reveal new transparent RGB dock for handheld gaming PCs  [...]

[ Source: overkill wtf ]

Revenge of the Mutant Camels - Review  [...]

[ Source: GamesNostalgia ]

Detonator - A one screen puzzler released for the Atar ST/STE by Cobra  [...]

[ Source: Indie Retro News ]

🕹️  Indie•Credible Worlds  🕹️

Feed it Souls

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From Dragonball to One Piece, Build Your Own Bandai Namco Anime Game Bundle and Save Big  [...]

[ Source: GameSpew ]

World’s biggest games company loses $40 billion as new Chinese laws hit  [...]

[ Source: Metro ]

GTA 5 Leak Reveals The Single-Player DLC You Never Got To Play  [...]

[ Source: Kotaku ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Goblinz Publishing - Upcoming city builder Synergy inspired by great games like Pharaoh and Frostpunk. Wishlist Now!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

MMO revival Kritika: Zero get official release date  [...]

[ Source: Niche Gamer ]

Achieve Time Management accomplishments in Rail Nation - Review  [...]

[ Source: GameTop ]

Digital Extremes boss shares an hour of Soulframe pre-alpha gameplay in a livestream  [...]

[ Source: Massively Overpowered ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Camel 101 - Deep beneath the surface, an ancient terror awakens, and the creatures that dwell in the deep begin to stir. Will you survive the horrors that await you in the depths? Check out BENEATH and wishlist on Steam!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Review: Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin (Sony PlayStation 5)  [...]

[ Source: Digitally Downloaded ]

Fill Your Boots With RPGs in Kemco’s End of Year 2023 Sale  [...]

[ Source: TouchArcade ]

PlayStation 5 Models, Color Variations & Limited Editions  [...]

[ Source: Altar of Gaming ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Evilkookey Games - Retro 2D platformer, Slime's Revenge, is 70% off in the steam winter sale right now. It's a great time to get it if you haven't already.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Stellar Blade confirmed to arrive on PlayStation 5 in 2024  [...]

[ Source: MadInfinite ]

Kuma Vows To Marry Panda in New Tekken 8 Trailer  [...]

[ Source: Sirus Gaming ]

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth wants to fix Final Fantasy’s biggest PS5 issue  [...]

[ Source: TrueTrophies ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]

Sonic Dream Team Review - Return to Adventure  [...]

[ Source: Lords of Gaming ]

ROG Ally review: A powerful alternative to the Steam Deck  [...]

[ Source: HardwareZone ]

Granzella's R-Type Tactics I & II Remakes Are Coming To Switch In "Fall 2024"  [...]

[ Source: Nintendo Life ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Subconscious Games - Get ready for a laugh with our new addition in Cornucopia: the Chicken Vending Machine! Plus, enjoy a 20% discount in the Steam Winter Sale. Don't miss out!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Jackbox Party Pack 10 - Review  [...]

[ Source: WayTooManyGames ]

Star Wars Outlaws Could Finally Deliver on a Canceled Game's Vision  [...]

[ Source: Inverse ]

Like A Dragon Gaiden - Review (XSX): The Game That Erased An Ending  [...]

[ Source: Lv1 Gaming ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Lagartija Software - The latest and final content update for HEROES OF BOOK & PAPER is now available on Steam. Get the game this week with a -10% discount.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

PlayStation Plus Free January Games 2024  [...]

[ Source: Nerdy Bird Games ]

Resident Evil 4 Remake launches on iPhone 15 Pro, iPad, and Mac  [...]

[ Source: KnowTechie ]

Maniacs Selling The Day Before Steam Keys For $400  [...]

[ Source: eTeknix ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Goblinz Publishing - Become a villain in this retro-inspired board game. Draft terrain tiles, recruit monsters, build your dungeon, and become the OVERBOSS! Wishlist on Steam!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Lumbercat: Idle Tycoon lets you build your timber empire with cute kitties, now open for pre-registration  [...]

[ Source: Pocket Gamer ]

PlayStation Portal: This controller with a screen is surprisingly awesome  [...]

[ Source: MobileSyrup ]

GTA6 hacker given indefinite hospital order  [...]

[ Source: PC Games Insider ]

Star Deck Logo

Explore the galaxy in Star Deck, a deckbuilding sci-fi roguelite RPG! Rescue your brother from the Federation, an uncompromising totalitarian presence that rules the galaxy with an iron fist.

Check out the free Demo of Star Deck on Steam today!

Official Steampage  [...]

[ GameTikker ]

Loot River - Review  [...]

[ Source: digitalchumps ]

STALKER 2 preview: A cult classic meets Unreal Engine 5  [...]

[ Source: PCWorld ]

Resident Evil 4 (iMac) - Review  [...]

[ Source: One More Level ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Pathless Woods - Why watch gameplays, when you could be one of the first to play? Prepare to embark on an adventure in Pathless Woods in our upcoming global playtest!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader - Review  [...]

[ Source: God is a Geek ]

Ready or Not - Review  [...]

[ Source: AOTF ]

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Reveals 2B Guest Character DLC  [...]

[ Source: oprainfall ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

MegaVision Software - Entrance to the nasty crypt full of skeletons and corpses... but, you need to explore it! Mystic Land: The Search for Maphaldo is an old-school RPG game inspired by Wizardry 7, EOB and M&M series. Wishlist Mystic Land on Steam or GOG!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Occupy Mars: The Game - Steam Winter Sale and big announcements  [...]

[ Source: Mod DB ]

PlayStation Plus January Games  [...]

[ Source: Game Crater ]

Stellar Blade Shifts To 2024 Release Window  [...]

[ Source: Console Creatures ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

EMERGENCY game series - Grab your gear, recruit your squad, and jump into EMERGENCY's new Steam chapter. Play FREE now and be part of the action! Experience the adrenaline of co-op rescues and strategic challenges.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Firewall Ultra Studio is Shutting Down  [...]

[ Source: XR Source ]

GeForce NOW Adds 46 New Titles This Week  [...]

[ Source: WorthPlaying ]

Dreams And Nightmares Collide In Torchlight: Infinite’s New game  [...]

[ Source: HorrorFuel ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]