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Millennia Game Review - A Little-known Strategy Gem!  [...]
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Steam Next Fest


Seven Days, Hundreds of Demos & Hours of Developer Livestreams.

Explore and play hundreds of demos, choose from dozens of livestreams to watch, and chat with developers about their games.

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Paradox Interactive Logo Image Following Life by You Cancellation Paradox Interactive closes Paradox Tectonic  [...]

[ Source: GameWatcher ]

Terra Randoma Banner Image Terra Randoma - Review  [...]

[ Source: Gideons Gaming ]

Forza Motorsport Image Forza Motorsport Update 9 Releases New Content, Fixes and More  [...]

[ Source: SimRace247 ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

SD Games - The center of your universe... Even abominations need a place to rest their head. Explore your own Stronghold, expand and build your empire from within the deepest depths of Eternal Damnation. Available July 15th on Steam and Epic Stores!

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Nintendo Logo Image Everything Announced at the June 18 Nintendo Direct  [...]

[ Source: Game Crater ]

Heroes Of Loot: Gauntlet Of Power Banner Image Heroes Of Loot: Gauntlet Of Power is a fresh take on dungeon crawling with a very unique weapon  [...]

[ Source: GamingOnLinux ]

Destiny Image Destiny 2 Launched its First Episode called Echoes  [...]

[ Source: Bungie ]

Syndicate Wars Banner Image Syndicate Wars - Review  [...]

[ Source: Games Nostalgia ]

Ace Attorney Image Ace Attorney Investigations Collection brings two Miles Edgeworth games to the PC  [...]

[ Source: Rock Paper Shotgun ]

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Banner Image Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance - Review  [...]

[ Source: Fortress of Solitude ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

11 bit studios - Discover a wonderfully unique survival game where you must recruit alternate versions of yourself from parallel universes to endure the challenges of a hostile planet. Coming in 2024 - Wishlist The Alters now on Steam!

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Capes Banner Image Capes - Review (Superhero Dream Team)  [...]

[ Source: NookGaming ]

Metaphor: ReFantazio Banner Image Hands on with Metaphor: ReFantazio  [...]

[ Source: Frontline Gaming Japan ]

Still Wakes the Deep Banner Image Still Wakes the Deep sees The Chinese Room return to in-your-face horror  [...]

[ Source: Into Indie Games ]

Civilization Image Civilization VII - Everything We Know  [...]

[ Source: Gaming Network ]

Life By You Banner Image Life By You cancelled by Paradox Interactive  [...]

[ Source: Gayming Magazine ]

Metroid Prime Image Metroid Prime 4 Gets New Name, Gameplay Footage, and Release Window  [...]

[ Source: TechRaptor ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

10 Chambers - Experience the horror of GTFO, a gruesome nightmare world where unnatural enemies hunt you from every shadow.

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ESO Image Free limited-time multi-rider mount from ESO Scribing  [...]

[ Source: Eso-Hub ]

Dragon Quest Image Dragon Quest’s ‘Erdrick Trilogy’ is Getting an HD-2D Remake  [...]

[ Source: Cinelinx ]

PlayStation Controller Image The 30 Best Games on PS4  [...]

[ Source: Cheat Code Central ]

F1 Racing Game Image F1 24 a top-three selling PS5 game in May  [...]

[ Source: Traxion ]

Nightmare Kart Banner Image Nightmare Kart Review - Blood-borne Again  [...]

[ Source: Gamerhub ]

Resident Evil Image Original Resident Evil PC Re-Release Spotted, Could Be Out Very Soon  [...]

[ Source: GameSpot ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

PlayStation - Still Wakes the Deep is available today on PS5. Fight for your life as an oil rig worker facing unknowable horrors that come aboard.

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Dragon Ball Image Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Confirms Local Multiplayer With Only One Stage Available  [...]

[ Source: The Escapist ]

Green Hell Banner Image Green Hell VR Is Now Available On Meta Quest+ And Co-op Update  [...]

[ Source: People Can Fly ]

Lunar Landing Image 55-year-old bug found in "Lunar Landing" the most popular video game from the 70's  [...]

[ Source: Toms Hardware ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]

Monster Hunter Image Monster Hunter Now introduces Elder Dragons for Season 2  [...]

[ Source: VentureBeat ]

Path of Exile Image The new Path of Exile 2 Witch is Redefining the ARPG Minion Build  [...]

[ Source: Prima Games ]

PlayStation Controller Image 17 Best PlayStation 4 FPS Games  [...]

[ Source: Altar of Gaming ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Anima Flux - Wishlist Anima Flux a Co-op Metroidvania on Steam today!

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VR Headset Image Sony's PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter Submitted for Certification  [...]

[ Source: Esports Driven ]

Honkai: Star Rail Firefly Event Banner Image Texting With Firefly Honkai: Star Rail Event Begins  [...]

[ Source: Siliconera ]

Medieval Dynasty Image ‘Medieval Dynasty’ Co-op Mode Hits Consoles on June 27th  [...]

[ Source: XboxEra ]

Dragon Age Image The ‘Dragon Age: The Veilguard’ Reveals gave us a lot to Process  [...]

[ Source: The Mary Sue ]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Image Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 - Preorder Benefits and Every Game Edition Detailed  [...]

[ Source: Call of Duty ]

Xdefiant Banner Image XDefiant Netcode Improvements From Latest Patch Confirmed - Spider-Bot Getting Reworked Due to Bugs  [...]

[ Source: MP1st ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

505 Games - Crime Boss: Rockay City launches on Steam on June 18th. Here's what you need to know... 20% off at launch! Download all the DLC for FREE for a limited time. (It's yours to keep!)! Join our playtest this Sunday!

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Turok Image Epic Games Store leaks new Turok Game and more upcoming Games  [...]

[ Source: AltChar ]

Sea of Thieves Image Xbox’s Sea of Thieves was PS5’s most downloaded game in May  [...]

[ Source: VGC ]

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Banner Image Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is Now Available  [...]

[ Source: oprainfall ]

Omega Warp

Omega Warp Banner Image

Omega Warp is a sci-fi themed action-adventure, which takes place aboard an interstellar freighter.

Explore, upgrade your skills and equipment, and uncover the mysteries surrounding the freighter's loss of communication with the base of operations on Earth.

Visit the official Steampage  [...]

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Lollipop Chainsaw Banner Image Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP’s Release Date And First Gameplay Have Arrived  [...]

[ Source: Press Start ]

The Finals Banner Image Take a step into the past with THE FINALS Season 3  [...]

[ Source: TheXboxHub ]

Elden Ring Image Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Launch Plans  [...]

[ Source: Blues News ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

The Alters - Step in the shoes of Jan Dolski, and well... every other Jan as this weekend is your last chance to play The Alters demo on Steam!

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Hades Image Hades II already feels pretty complete - Preview  [...]

[ Source: Entertainium ]

Nvidia GeForce Now Banner Image Nvidia GeForce Now adds 4 more new games this week  [...]

[ Source: Gamer Stones ]

Blockbuster Inc. Banner Image Blockbuster Inc. - Review (PC)  [...]

[ Source: thumb culture ]

Resident Evil Image Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7 coming to iPhone and Mac  [...]

[ Source: Trusted Reviews ]

X8 Freeplay Park Update Banner Image X8 Freeplay Park Update Adds New Social Hub  [...]

[ Source: XR Source ]

Shovel Knight Image Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX announced  [...]

[ Source: My Nintendo News ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

GG Studio - Hidden Pass, a fusion of Tactical RPG combat and strategy in a world of magic, machinery and mayhem, takes part in Steam Next Fest!

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Wizard With A Gun Banner Image Wizard With A Gun Studio Shuts Down  [...]

[ Source: PSU ]

AMD Logo Image AMD announces Radeon RX 7800XT & 7700XT game bundle  [...]

[ Source: VideoCardz ]

Wizard of Legend 2 Banner Image Wizard of Legend 2 - Next Fest Demo  [...]

[ Source: Rogueliker ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

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