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The Overview: Forgotten but Unbroken

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: coming 2024
Genre: Turn-Based / Strategy
Developed by: Centurion Developments
Published by: Centurion Developments

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Centurion Developments

Centurion Developments is an independent game studio based in Nitra, Slovak Republic. The small but inspired team wants to make games that are based on real events, but that are fun and that can teach you more about our human history.

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Forgotten but Unbroken

​Forgotten but unbroken is a tactical turn-based action game inspired by legendary Xcom and Silent storm but in its unique way. It's about real-life heroes and elite units of WW2 forgotten in time. Recruit your soldiers, ask for help from your allies and manage your hidden base.

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In Forgotten but unbroken you can hire some well-trained mercenaries, or you can recruit your soldiers and train them at your training camp, or in the fire of battle. As your recruits improve, you can select their class to determine their future skill tree.

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There will be some heroes and elites of WW2 you can meet. The heroes will join your resistance organization for a limited period and help you out with your fight. The elites are enemy units forged in battle and the last thing you want is to meet them during your mission.

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For players eager to get a taste of the tactical combat themselves, there is a free demo on Steam that lets you play 3 different skirmishes. Can you fend off the advance of the 3rd Reich?

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