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The Overview: Trash Invasion

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: October 2020
Genre: Educational / Relaxing
Developed by: Different Way Games
Published by: Different Way Games

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Different Way Games

Vesko Tenekedzhiev is the creator of Trash Invasion and Different Way Games. Besides his full-time job as a games developer he is working on his own projects during his spare time doing all the design, programming and music.

Trash Invasion is the first published game, which took 2 years to make, lots of iterations, user tests and adjustments. Different Way Games focuses on creating games with significant themes (such as pollution). Through gameplay, the studio aims to raise awareness and inspire real-life actions related to the chosen topics.

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Trash Invasion

What if all the waste in our world became alive? How could we stop it?

Destroy trash items, capture monsters, defeat final bosses, collect coins, get gifts, bonuses and unlock unique levels. Learning to recycle has never been more fun - throw trash in the correct bin, get rewards and enjoy fun facts and tips. Save the "Tree of Wisdom", learn, equip yourself and save our world!

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Trash Invasion is different than other recycling games by blending the learning with the fun part. It is suitable for players of all ages, but the main target is children age 7-14.

It is more towards entertainment than being used in a class room and at the same time offers educational elements such as learning how to recycle through playing, fun facts and tips how to save the nature. The game aims to raise the public awareness about pollution and become the lead recycling game on the market.

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Collecting monsters (monster boost cards)

Different level themes

Daily coins bonus boost

Recycling tips and fun facts

and much more...

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The game was featured on Google Play’s Indie Game Corner in 2022, Teacher approved badge and on MyAppFree platform for one week and made it top of their Best Games May Collection.

Also it is part of the Educational App Store and Ladies Gamers portals with a total of 510K plays.

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Trash Invasion is available on Google Play, and Amazon.

The Game is completely FREE to play and has NO ads.

Check out: The official Homepage