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The Overview: The Last Hero: Journey to the Unknown

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: 6. September 2023
Genre: Action / Adventure / Pixel Art
Developed by: Titan Art Games
Published by: Titan Art Games

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In a world dominated by evil, only one hero against many enemies, explore, conquer, and don't give up if you get lost! Help our hero in this platform game in the fight against the forces of evil.

The Last Hero Logo

The Wizard

Voidgem, a powerful wizard, has stolen all the relics of the ancient world and scattered them across various parts of the world. Among the relics under his control is the crystal of elements, which activates and controls all the elements of the world. With this power in his hands, he has created his allies, monsters, and creatures that will assist him in his reign.

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The Hero

A unique and fearless Hero, with his shield, his sword, and all his courage, will bravely set out to search for the lost relics, facing all the enemies that arise before him.

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A pixelated game made especially for genre lovers, an experience bordering on nostalgia

Explore the Map in different biomes with over 30 levels

Help our hero by facing unique enemies and bosses, special wave-based stages with challenging obstacles

Each level presents a series of challenges that you need to overcome, a sense of progress as you advance and face new challenges, adding excitement and variety to each wave

Find and collect rare relics

Use special potions that aid our hero in combat

Unique elemental powers, choose the one that suits each biome best

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Become a Hero!

The Last Hero: Journey to the Unknown is now on Steam, there is also a Bundle Version inkl. the Original Soundtrack available.

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