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The Overview: Star Deck

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: Q2 2025
Genre: Deck Building / Rogue-Like / RPG
Developed by: Psyched Studios
Published by: Psyched Studios

Star Deck Logo

Star Deck is a love-child of Slay the Spire, Smash Up, and all your childhood Sci-Fi movies! It's a roguelike deckbuilding sci-fi RPG, set in a galaxy controlled by The Federation, a galactic force that won the Great War, and seized control of the democratically controlled powers before it. It rules with a totalitarian fist, asking for tribute from the citizens of each planet, and offering little in return.

In the game, you'll play as a galactic smuggler who's brother was abducted by The Federation. With little to go on, you embark on an adventure to find and rescue him. Using a randomized roguelite gameplay strategy that keeps things different in each play through, you'll battle your way through 4-6 different levels across the galaxy with varying biomes, ranging from the robot space-islands, to sand-swept deserts, to frozen waste-lands, all the while building up a deck comprised of 2 weapons with unique playstyles!

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In the final game, there will be 5-6 weapons to choose from when you begin a new run. In each run of the game, you'll get to pick 2 weapons to equip, and those weapons will each have their unique deck of cards that contribute to your card pool for that run.

Each unique weapon deck will have a minimum of 30 cards. Starting decks will be comprised of a few of those cards, and the rest you will encounter during your play through as battle rewards, event rewards, or shop purchases. You'll build the strongest deck you can, using strategies based on the strengths of your weapon classes to synergize together! Part of the fun will be experimenting with different combinations of weapons to see which work the best together.

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In addition to the weapon card pools, there will be a plethora of non-weapon cards to choose from on a run. Events will have unique cards that you can obtain that will aid you on your adventure, and there will also be a general, non-weapon card pool accessible on card selection opportunities, and in the Shop.

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Combat will be at the center of the game's core, where you use your cards to battle enemies that you encounter along your journey. A variety of different RPG-style battle mechanics are already in the game, including vulnerability, attack weakness, counter attacks/moves, shielding, healing, multi-attacks. Final game will include critical strike and poison mechanics, along with many more! Play the demo on Steam for the full immersive battle experience!

Explore colorful, intriguing world environments as you battle your way through multiple levels on your adventure to find your lost brother! I'm aiming for a vibrant, amusing, and sometimes silly vibe for the game.

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The Shop

The Shop! A necessary stop in an adventurer's journey. Use the Remover tool to remove cards from your deck, or the Duplicator to make copies of cards you love! Also stock up on consumables, like the Health Flask. Earn currency, or credits, as you win battles or through Events.


Encounter unique events that may help or hurt you, all randomized on the map! Events are specific to each level to add to the story.

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Consumables can be used for a one time bonus in (or sometimes outside) battle to give you an edge. Purchase them in the Shop, get hem as Battle rewards, or from some Events.


Artifacts are permanent bonuses that you gain throughout your adventure. They might give you bonuses when you draw cards, or give you extra Energy or Ammo, or boost your chances at finding rare cards! Some artifacts may be so powerful that they completely change how your strategy for a run goes.

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Steam Demo

The demo has 2 weapons, and 1 level. It takes 15-30 minutes to complete a successful run. The plan is to have 5-6 unlockable weapons, and 4-6 levels in the final game. Each run you'll be able to equip 2 weapons, and the fun will be experimenting with different weapon combinations as you build your deck!

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