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The Overview: RPG Conquer the World

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: Coming soon
Genre: Adventure / RPG
Developed by: LL studio
Published by: LL studio

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RPG Conquer the World

Pixel art RPG adventure. Experience the story of a common young boy, visit school, fight enemies, find your first love, and most importantly: Conquer the world!

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Welcome, new soul, to the land of Lanthir Lamath! Since you can't have a mortgage, a car lease, or an empty credit card here, you can certainly have a bunch of other problems.

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As the main hero, you go by the name Jacob. You're an ordinary boy who lives with your parents, goes to school, fights with classmates, and falls in love with the teacher's daughter.

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Sometimes, you even die in a pool of blood while kicking your feet. In the game, you'll learn to keep secrets, not trust anyone, and wash your hands after using the toilet. And the most important task? You want to conquer the entire world! Well, at least our village.

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The game consists of 8 chapters, several tasks, many sarcastic dialogues, and humorous situations. You'll enjoy a lot of pleasant fun.

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