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The Overview: Nuke Them All

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: Q1 2024
Genre: Strategy / Action / RTS
Developed by: GameEraStudios
Published by: GameEraStudios

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Nuke Them All

An RTS classic reborn with a twist. Time is of the essence, Commander! Capture the flags, conquer the territories, and eliminate the enemy fort. And finally, nuke them all! This old-school sci-fi Indie real time strategy game, crafted by devoted team, revives the genre's enduring allure.

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Chaos rules everything

Dive into a fast-paced, action-packed, old-school RTS inspired by '90s classics such as Z, KKND, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, as well as modern classics like C&C Generals, Company of Heroes, and They Are Billions.. It's all about 100% action and strategic battles, with 0% tedious base-building and resource collection.

Experience non-stop chaos and the thrill of random luck events that can turn the tide of battle in an instant. Aliens? Check! Zombies? Check. We've got you covered!

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Upgrade your factories

Level up your tech to gain access to advanced units! Laser bots, Rocket bots, Fire bots, Electrobots and advanced tanks are at your disposal to crush your enemies!

Pizza over mission, sir!

Enjoy a humor-packed voiceover with hundreds of variations, puns, dad jokes, and movie references, just like the good old times! Our AI voice tips provide a real-time situation overview! Award-winning soundtracks will evoke your '90s nostalgia vibes.

Clean, eye-catching 2D graphics

Experience 100% Battle Focus. Bid farewell to cluttered, screen-consuming GUI menus and pointless buttons. Embrace pure, intense battle action with seamless camera navigation through a tactical minimap! Immerse yourself in incredible particle effects, meticulously crafted explosions, a new physics engine, and entertaining ragdoll animations!

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Difficult? Check!

Engage in massive battles spread over a large map! Don't be fooled by the casual, eye-catching graphics. This RTS is not for the faint-hearted. The fast-paced, challenging AI of the blue robot team will get your heart pumping as they launch waves of enemy tanks at your positions from all sides!

Day and night change and weather effects

Be on guard as night falls and zombies lurk! Each night, zombies appear around the map, threatening to take over your unprotected territories. Keep your robot soldiers protected, as one bite can turn them instantly into more undead! Destroy the graveyards to stop the menace!

And finally, the cherry on the cake - the Nuke

Take control of the nuclear silo to access the ultimate weapon of the game! Rain down destruction on your enemies and obliterate their fort!

But there is a catch! The Nuke is a high-risk, high-reward weapon! Enemies can react and shoot down the unexploded bomb, so plan your attack carefully. Distract them and strike when they least expect it!

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Alien Allies Joining Forces

Introducing another new faction in the game: Alien Allies, a friendly alien faction ready to assist us using Alien Beacon technology. Capture the secret Alien Beacon to call for their help and witness the magic unfold!

A huge variety of epic worlds, maps, and missions for every true RTS fan

Embrace an epic variety of strategic maps in RTS and tower defense styles, including desert worlds, post-apocalyptic settings, aftermath scenarios, Arctic landscapes, volcanic realms, zombie apocalypses, and many more!

Advanced Tactics and Enemy AI

Master Advanced Tactics and Outsmart the Enemy AI! Choose from three tactical vehicles at the beginning of the game - the Tactical Miner, Sentinel APC, or Mobile Artillery - to get the support you need. With advanced enemy AI launching relentless attacks from all directions, it's crucial to fortify your positions effectively.

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Chaos Unleashed

Tornadoes? Volcanoes? Dune Worms? Catastrophic Elements? Earthquakes? Firestorms? Snow? Lightning? Total Apocalypses? Mass Turtle Attack? We've Got You Covered!

Unleash Your Strategy: Create and Conquer

Dive into our SANDBOX Map Editor and unleash your creativity as you build your perfect battleground. Test different unit interactions and strategies in real-time, whether you're into intense real-time strategy or thrilling tower defense.

Offense vs. Defense

Craft your own strategic mission plan by either fortifying your positions with defensive structures, towers, hedgehogs, and mines, or take an offensive approach by repairing bridges and deploying flying units such as Fire Tanks and Firebots to reach remote territories. The choice is yours to command and conquer!

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Collect Crystals & Minerals

Explore secret locations on the map to discover precious mineral crystals. Use the Hedgehog vehicle to efficiently collect these resources, allowing you to summon formidable interplanetary reinforcements, including mechanoids! Embark on a mission to find and gather the crystals - you're in for an exciting adventure!

Base building? Why not!

Use portable mobile facory vehicles on certain maps when available to get an ability to deploy and build your own factories. The factory must be deployed only near flags and not overlap with it or other factories to start construction!

The Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle serves as our interplanetary transport, facilitating journeys to distant planets where we can establish our formidable base fort. Select a clear location on the map, free from structures, rocks, and other obstructions, to seamlessly deploy our fort. Take charge of your planetary conquest and establish a strategic stronghold in the chosen spot!

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Nuke Them All developed by GameEraStudios is coming in Q1 2024.

There is a free Demo of Nuke Them All on the Games official Steampage. And also a Kickstarter campagne to support the Games Development.

Check out: The official Homepage