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The Overview: Nowhere

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: TBA
Genre: Mystery / Survival Horror
Developed by: Midnight Forge
Published by: Midnight Forge

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Nowhere is a first-person-story driven horror mystery that focuses on an immersive horror experience that tells a tale.

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As a private investigator you are forced to investigate a pattern of disappearances in the Amber Forests. Once your journey begins, you quickly find there is no going back. You must uncover the mystery around these disappearances and find your own way out before its too late.

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The more you uncover you start to realise, you aren't truly alone. Uncover the truth, solve the cryptic clues and save yourself from the shadows in the mist.

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✪ First-person narrative horror experience that puts the story and immersion first, inspired by folklore.

✪ Experience the non-linear story that combines the occult, mystery, and horror fiction into one gripping experience.

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✪ Explore and interact with the beautiful yet ominous Amber Forests but beware the dangers within.

✪ On the search for the lost conduct investigations that will lead you closer to the truth and deeper into the madness. Examine scenes, find clues and piece together fragments of what's really going on.

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