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The Overview: My Father Lied

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: Q4 2024
Genre: Point & Click / Mystery
Developed by: LUNAR GAMES LTD
Published by: LUNAR GAMES LTD

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Lunar Games

Lunar Games LTD is an independent studio with a logo inspired by the world’s oldest board game found in human history "The Roual Game of Ur". Lunar games aspire to create original stories, starting with ones written by the award winning Mesopotamian writer, Ahmed Alameen, and his debut game, My Father Lied.

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My Father Lied

Think Myst, Heaven's Vault, and H. P. Lovecraft, and you got My Father Lied.

My Father Lied's story is inspired by 7000 years of history from Mesopotamia, or as the kids call it these days, Iraq.

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The gameplay is simple enough in terms of control, with elements of point and click that will help you explore, learn what’s happening, and progress your way, one puzzle at a time.

My Father Lied does have a unique developing approach, in which 2D and 360 degree images are used in the game, including cut-scenes which are done frame by frame. This results in a graphically appealing game that can work well on low spec devices.

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The soundtrack was carefully and passionately composed to elevate the story’s emotional impact at some key events in the game, and in other instances are played with the puzzle segments while staying true to the tone of the story.

The story is full of twists that will keep the players guessing and second guessing every time they progress.

My Father Lied Screenshot

Check out the official homepage of Lunar Games for more Information about My Father Lied.

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