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The Overview: KnifePlayground

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: Coming soon
Genre: Battle Royale / FPS / Co-op
Developed by: MadMozer
Published by: MadMozer

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MadMozer Studio

MadMozer started with Leonardo Mozer in 2017. Going from small college projects to bigger and more complex projects, MadMozer is now working and focused on his Action Horror Title: KnifePlayground.

The three members, Leonardo, Bruno and Jefferson love horror and action games. Mixing the nostalgia and the knowledge from games like Resident Evil, Outlast, The Last of Us, Silent Hill, Doom and many others, the team has the goal of delivering very polished games, thinking a lot about the game player experience in all the small details possible.

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Multiplayer Survival Horror: 4 Players Co-op or Solo Battle Royale. Players have to cooperate or kill each other in a 3 floors mansion full of monsters which every floor closes after a deadly countdown. Shoot, stab, hide, upgrade and get stronger after every death by unpredictable Roguelite elements.

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2 Game Modes + Online or Offline

Co-op Mode or Battle Royale. Cooperate with your friends or kill everybody till only one survive.

Co-op Mode

Go with your friends for a nightmarish experience up to 4 players co-op. Prepare yourself for a variety of randomly generated challenges, so no match will ever be the same. Your survival depends on cooperation and communication, so work as a team to kill monsters, solve complex puzzles, accomplish objectives, find items, make upgrades, and think of the best strategy to escape the cursed creatures that will hunt you and the mansion sadisc challenges.

Battle Royale Mode

Embrace the essence of Survival Horror with a thrilling Battle Royale twist where 10 players must kill each other and only one will be left. Cursed monsters also roam the dark corridors of the mansion, where 3 floors are closing in until only one floor remains. Collect items, make upgrades, find valuable rewards, hide and kill everything that moves. Every second counts as you fight to survive and escape the mansion's deadly countdown.

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Complex Combat System

Engage in intense combat with guns and brutal melee weapons for up-close agressive gore encounters. Every shot, every swing, and every decision could be the difference between life and death.

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Survive with your friends by solving puzzles that challenge your intellect and cunning under the pressure of death at any time. Simple to complex puzzles that will give you valuable rewards to survive for a few more minutes inside the mansion.

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Unpredictable Roguelite Gameplay

No two playthroughs are ever the same. With random generated levels, every exploration presents new challenges and horrors. Adapt, strategize and use your wits to outsmart the mansion's malevolent forces.

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