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The Overview: Eternal Damnation

Author: GameTikker

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Release Date: Coming soon
Genre: Action / Adventure / RPG
Developed by: SD Games
Published by: SD Games

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SD Games

SD Games is an Indie Studio founded and operated in Nottingham, United Kingdom. The studio was built by graduating students of Nottingham Trent University and as the game developed, we gradually hired some of the most talented people we could find from around the UK.

Nottingham itself has renowned and beloved gaming communities, hosting both Warhammer World and Games Workshop, two of the biggest gaming franchises… Where better to start an Indie studio?

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Eternal Damnation

Conquer, pillage and determine the fate of a fantasy world in Eternal Damnation; a hybrid real time strategy RPG that places the ultimate power in your hands. Fight back against a dominant evil or destroy it and take the world for yourself.

Given a choice between death or reincarnation following your untimely demise, Eternal Damnation thrusts you into a vast fantasy world at the behest of an ancient deity. Chosen for your prior acts of evil, it’s your task to conquer the world before you. How you do so is your decision.

Player choice is paramount in Eternal Damnation. Your actions will have consequences that shape the destiny of the world. It’s on you to find your place and discover what type of a ruler you want to be.

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Loyalty System

Player’s companions will have a loyalty and preference system, where depending on the player’s action and decisions taken throughout the game, they will ally with them, leave their party or even attack.

Sandbox Gameplay

Player is not constrained to achieving specific goals and has a large degree of freedom to explore, interact with, or modify the game environment through a range of diverse biomes.

Life-like NPCs

All NPCs will feature a very extensively designed AI Behaviour Tree, enabling them to react to their surroundings in a very realistic mannerism. They will also have behaviours pertaining to their daily life while they idling.

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Open Quest System

Players are not constrained to follow the main quest, and there are always multiple ways to complete a quest, including elimination of quest giver.

Stronghold Management

Players would be able to build their own base (“Stronghold”) with various kinds of buildings. Each provides bonuses or enables features for the player to enhance themselves and their allies.

Dungeon Crawling

Each new biome is host to a challenging dungeon with its own distinctive theme, enthralling boss and randomly generated layouts to make it unique for every individual player.

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Immersive Level Scaling

Level scaling is a gameplay conceit used to provide a continuous, consistent challenge to the player. As the player's character rises in level, aspects of the world will change to accommodate that character's growth. Our twist to this feature is that we aim to provide completely new enemy types instead of just powering up the regulars.

While the world around the player will change as they increase their level, it is not only the same old enemies that simply scale up in strength or numbers. As the Player evolves, those with more power in the world will step from the shadows in attempts to stop the player in their path.

RPG/RTS Hybrid

Eternal Damnation aims to provide a uniquely tailored experience combining both Role Playing and Real Time Strategy genres. Players will have command over both companions and produced units in real-time combat.

You are the monster

Not just in the physical sense of the player chosen monster-human hybrid, but Eternal Damnation is a story told from the perspective of a villain. The goal is simple, one given from a higher power focused solely on control; conquer, pillage and dominate the unscrupulous world of corruption and treachery.

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Extensive Skill System

Take advantage of a huge selection of magic and martial skills to power up your character. Decimate your enemies in unique ways and no encounter will feel the same.

Unique Mutations

Choose among the multitude of mutations to evolve your character in unique ways. Stay as a human-hybrid monster, grow into a towering beast while losing any shred of humanity, or embrace your human side and allow the grotesque mutation to lie hidden inside. The choice is up to you.

Diverse Races

In your quest for world domination, you will face various races including Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Skeletons with even more to come.

Unique biomes

You will be fighting through unique environments like Islands, Plains, Jungles, Deserts and more.

Eternal Damnation Screenshot

For more information and updates visit the Homepage of SD Games and keep up to date with the development of Eternal Damnation.

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