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Jin's Tekken Tale

Author: Arshdeep Singh

Jin Kazama

Explore Jin Kazama’s journey in Tekken, from the Devil Gene awakening to questionable choices. Unravel the saga!

The Tekken Universe

Tekken, renowned for its epic and occasionally absurd storylines, stands out in the fighting game genre. Amidst diverse characters with unique fighting styles, none embodies the mix of heroics and absurdity more than Jin Kazama. From awakening the Devil Gene to unlearning martial arts out of spite, Jin’s journey in the Tekken series is a rollercoaster of epic and often nonsensical moments.

Tekken 3

Jin’s story takes a literal turn when he battles the Ogre, a god of fighting. Surviving an attack by his grandfather, Heihachi, Jin awakens the Devil Gene inherited from his father, transforming him into a terrifying Devil form. The literalism of this arc adds a touch of absurdity to Jin’s evolution.

Tekken 4

Jin in a dark place, unlearning the Mishima-Ryu style out of spite for Heihachi. Opting for traditional Karate, the narrative twist of abandoning a fighting style for personal reasons adds a layer of ridiculousness.

Tekken 5

Jin losing control of his Devil Gene, triggering chaos. Unexpectedly, he decides to take over the Mishima Zaibatsu, a move contrary to his previous character portrayal. This shift from a withdrawn character to a leader creating chaos feels inconsistent.

Tekken 6

Jin’s pursuit of eliminating the Devil Gene reaches extreme levels. He starts World War III to awaken Azazel, showcasing ruthless determination at the cost of thousands of lives. This drastic action challenges the perception of Jin as a hero.

Tekken 7

A conflicted Jin seeking redemption. However, his quick transition from a coma to hero status feels rushed, undercutting the severity of his previous actions. The narrative attempts a redemption arc but falls short in execution.

Jin's Story so far

Despite the inconsistencies, Jin’s journey in Tekken keeps fans on their toes. Whether embracing the silliness or questioning narrative choices, players can’t deny the unpredictability that Jin brings to the franchise, ensuring future surprises in the ongoing saga.

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