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Andreea’s complete marketing strategy for Videogames

Author: Gajda Andreea

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About Me

My name is Gajda Andreea, I’m a PR Executive in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce at Gacriva Studio, a gaming startup established in the EU. I’m also a Gold Leader in a gaming community called ”Indie Legion” that extended 20k members, wich includes: gamers, content creators, game developers, influencers, gaming attorneys, and more.

I’m proud to say, that I’m also a "Women in Games Ambassador", highlighting Women in the gaming industry. I support LTBQ members of the community and I don’t make a difference because we are all one on this globe.

The Project

I'm doing a Step-by-Step Marketing Guide for Self-Publishing your VR Game, Mobile Game or PC game, and even a complete Marketing Strategy for each type of platform.

The Toolkit

A toolkit to help you, whether you're diving into VR, mobile or PC gaming. In this short guide, we'll explore monetization strategies, influencer campaigns, essential tools, and the art of building your email list.

We'll uncover the secrets to craft a compelling game-centric website and delve into pro tips for platforms like Steam, mobile gaming and more.

A Marketing Guide

This marketing guide, I made will help game developers to succeed further on self-publishing, and being their own marketers, even on the business growth path.

It will have, gaming incubators, accelerators, grants, funding, tools and tips, secretly revealed from a marketer side. Including a how to guide, even for porting to consoles, investment platforms, how to register your game title on platform API's like Youtube, Discord, Twitch API, forums like IGN for example, even for consoles and many more. I will add more content over time.

The Content

I created a blog post that extended 86 pages and turned it into a toolkit, based on different topics. Here are some examples:

Monetization & Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Pre-Campaign Brilliance: Building Your Audience

Pitching to Publishers, Venture Capitalists & Platform Holders

Gaming Start-Ups: Unveiling Investment Avenues

Intellectual Property Gems: Safeguard Your Creation

There are many more topics, strategies and concepts that will help you reach your goals as an Indie Developer.

Check out: The full Marketing Guide for Self-Publishing