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Parental Control in Roblox - How to Prevent Tax Evasion in Children Without Impacting Parents  [...]
Author: Ph.D. Jorge Rodríguez

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Minecraft - Spookyfest is back!


No tricks, just treats! For the most part. It’s time to dust off those cobwebs and replace them with fake ones because Spookyfest is here once again!

Have you carved your pumpkins? Lit some candles? Got enough fake fangs for all your friends? Then let’s bite into this year’s content, activities, gifts, and freebies because the list is longer than that night I spent trapped in a scary house.

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The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulkan is on Xbox  [...]

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EA SPORTS WRC – Console Performance And Output Quality  [...]

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45 million people have already pre-registered for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile  [...]

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NVIDIA GeForce NOW - The dead have risen and civilization has fallen. Gather survivors, scavenge for resources and build a community in the post-apocalyptic world of @StateOfDecay 2 - now streaming on #GeForceNOW.

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Payday 3 devs apologise for silence and share new details  [...]

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Vlad Circus: Descend Into Madness - Review (PS5)  [...]

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There's a Diablo 4 free trial on PC this weekend  [...]

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PlayStation - Genshin Impact version 4.2 puts a bow on the main Fontaine storyline and introduces two new playable characters. Arrives Nov 8.

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C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield - Everything We Know  [...]

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Lollipop Chainsaw RePop To Include Revamped Combat, Will ‘Do Away With Sluggishness In Chainsaw Battles’  [...]

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My Hero Ultra Rumble: Player Survey and Feedback  [...]

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Bend Studio - Days Gone is now available on @GOGcom! Jump on the saddle of Deacon St. John’s trusty Drifter bike and lose yourself in a compelling story as you fight and survive across a vast and dynamic open world.

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Rainbow Six Mobile Tier List (October 2023) – Best Operators  [...]

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Free Fire Diwali Royale Event – New Luck Royale Event  [...]

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“Blasphemous 2” is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One on November 2nd, 2023  [...]

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Official PlayStation Trailer

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Ballantine’s to launch Dota 2-themed whisky bottles in China  [...]

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REVIEW: Alan Wake II Is A Mind-Bending Must-Play Masterpiece  [...]

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Developer Eleventh Hour Games pushes back Last Epoch to early next year  [...]

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Borderlands - Did you grab these SHiFT Codes for Borderlands yet? You still have until 10/31 to add them to your arsenal!





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The Metal Gear Solid Collection: From Old Ports to Modded Marvels  [...]

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New gameplay trailer revealed for 1970s horror, Still Wakes the Deep  [...]

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Ghostrunner 2 Review - Finding The Utopia In Dystopia  [...]

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Vampire Survivors - Woke up & realised that a lot of you probably missed a secret character in our game! To unlock simply:

- Collect the Yellow Sign

- Enter Green Acres in Hyper & Hurry mode

- Move 18 tilesets south and west (obvs)

- Kill 128 of the enemies that appear!

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Synced is forging a new path in the free-to-play shooter genre  [...]

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Alan Wake 2 Expansions “Night Springs” and “The Lake House” Plot Details Revealed Along With Target Release  [...]

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The Fabulous Fear Machine Offers Strategy Horror for the Halloween Season  [...]

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GOG.COM - It’s time for you to enter the Haunted Grounds of GOG. Halloween Sale, featuring over 3000 discounts, new releases, and more, starts now!

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Arizona Sunshine 2 Gets An Official Release Date Trailer  [...]

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F2P “Combat-centered Game Show” ‘THE FINALS’ Open Beta Now Live on Xbox Series Consoles, Ends November 6  [...]

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Ark: Survival Ascended Shows Off First UE5 Gameplay, Launches on Steam Early Access  [...]

[ Source: Wccftech ]

Atari has announced Berzerk Recharged will be released on November 9  [...]

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Open-world survival RPG Ark: Survival Ascended surprise launches on PC, also there's finally a gameplay trailer  [...]

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PlayStation 5's detachable disc drive requires an online connection  [...]

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Risk of Rain - The wait is over. Enter the Void on consoles when Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void hits Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on Nov. 8! Featuring two new Survivors, 40+ new items, three new stages, 10+ new enemies, a new game mode, and much more!

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Amnesia: The Bunker Gets A Hardcore Halloween Update  [...]

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Gran Turismo Studio Creates Nissan Hyper Force Dash  [...]

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Ghostrunner 2 - Metascore  [...]

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill - It's our 4th anniversary this week! To celebrate we have released our 4th free DLC “Rivera’s Revenge” today for all platforms!

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Go to the Moonlit Ball in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation  [...]

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New Announcements and Trailers from Xbox Partner Preview!  [...]

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Slave Zero X Slashes to Bloody February Release Date  [...]

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Alan Wake 2 - New Game+ coming after launch. Retain all unlocked weapons and upgrades. New Nightmare difficulty level. New alternative narrative, including new Manuscript pages and new video content. Exact release timing still TBD.

[ Source: GameTikker ], Supercell’s monster-hunting title begins closed beta test for Android in the US  [...]

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Feel The Fight Today in EA SPORTS UFC 5 with EA Play  [...]

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GTA 6 Metacritic page fuels hope trailer reveal is coming very soon  [...]

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Official PlayStation Trailer

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Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage RPG Released for Android and iOS  [...]

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Hero Survival - Review  [...]

[ Source: Pixel Opinions ]

Gargoyles Remastered Review – Stone Cold Classic  [...]

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3D Realms - There's only one day left. TOMORROW: RIPOUT releases into early access. Release time: 1pm EST. Wishlist and bring a friend!

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There's a solid 50+ games coming to Switch this week  [...]

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Moebius: The Orb of Celestial Harmony  [...]

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Bagman - An Arcade classic as an Amiga remake reaches final!  [...]

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Risk of Rain - And so she left, her soul still remaining on the planet. Hunt down monsters with Huntress in Risk of Rain Returns! Wishlist now!

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Final Fantasy 14’s Xbox open beta release window has been announced  [...]

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Great Games for Avid Readers  [...]

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For Honor’s Theatre of Bones Halloween Event Trailer  [...]

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METAL GEAR OFFICIAL - #MGSVol1 release timings confirmed! The game will be live in the US tomorrow at midnight PDT. Set your alarms, it's almost time to get back into the action!

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Street Fighter Meets Puzzle & Dragons in a Not-Puzzle Fighter Crossover  [...]

[ Source: Chit Hot ]

Black Clover M Will Still Launch Globally in 2023, Garena Confirms  [...]

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Blacknut Partners With SOEDESCO, 10 New Games Announced  [...]

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"Muv-Luv" and "Muv-Luv Alternative" will be released for Switch  [...]

[ Source: MadInfinite ]

The Pale Beyond - Review  [...]

[ Source: Gaming Respawn ]

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Teaser Suggests More Details Coming Soon  [...]

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Mortal Kombat 1 - Big patch for today is now live, and move tagging is officially back. As always, make sure your game is updated and kombat ready before jumping in. Full patch notes coming soon.

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Metal Gear Solid 3 reveals an even harder platinum for PS5  [...]

[ Source: TrueTrophies ]

PlayStation Owned Visual Arts Group Hit With Layoffs  [...]

[ Source: NoobFeed ]

Citizen Conflict Alpha Release Is Coming to Epic Games Store in November  [...]

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Hotline Miami - Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 are now calling on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Accept the charges.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Farm Heroes Saga is the first UK-made mobile game to hit $1bn, says King  [...]

[ Source: Mobilegamer ]

Final Fantasy XIV All Saints' Wake 2023 event launches on October 27  [...]

[ Source: RPG Site ]

Xbox Partner Preview showcase announced for Wednesday  [...]

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Nightdive Studios - Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster is coming soon to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. For news and updates on the game's release, be sure to wishlist Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster on Steam!

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F1 23: 2023 F2 Season Cars Now Available  [...]

[ Source: BoxThisLap ]

Review: Hot Wheels Unleashed 2  [...]

[ Source: Hardcore Gamer ]

Assassin’s Creed Red Female Shinobi Character Art Revealed  [...]

[ Source: Insider Gaming ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]

Oceanic Survival Horror Full Fathom is Subnautica Meets Resident Evil  [...]

[ Source: GameSpew ]

Staff at Frontier facing layoffs  [...]

[ Source: PC Games Insider ]

Cool Runnings: Alaskan Road Truckers despatched to PC  [...]

[ Source: Traxion ]

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The Talos Principle - "If this is all a test, maybe the answer is waiting for us in the Megastructure." Pre-order The Talos Principle 2 now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Available on November 2.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Mass Effect 4 producer teases next gen facial animation  [...]

[ Source: Metro ]

‘Yakuza’ Spinoff ‘Like A Dragon Gaiden’ Will Not Have an English Dub Upon Release  [...]

[ Source: The Mary Sue ]

What Each Edition Of Persona 3 Reload Will Get You  [...]

[ Source: Kotaku ]

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Nintendo UK - It’s almost time to experience the magic of Hogwarts Legacy on #NintendoSwitch! Digital pre-orders are available now!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

RPG Maker WITH reveals first details and 2024 release  [...]

[ Source: Niche Gamer ]

Queen’s Quest 4: Sacred Truce - Review  [...]

[ Source: GameTop ]

Star Citizen demonstrates new visual effects, destructible items, server updates, and engineering gameplay  [...]

[ Source: Massively Overpowered ]

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GOG.COM - Ghostrunner 2 is getting closer! We took this opportunity to delve into the details of the upcoming sequel with Game’s Director, @Radovan89. Read our interview, and don't miss the chance to try out the Ghostrunner 2 Demo (now available on GOG).

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Soulslike platformer Salt and Sacrifice is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch  [...]

[ Source: Digitally Downloaded ]

‘Duet Game’ Gets 10th Anniversary Update With New Soliloquy Chapters and More on iOS and Android  [...]

[ Source: TouchArcade ]

10 Best Xbox Hack & Slash Games  [...]

[ Source: Altar of Gaming ]

Conquer the Ride 5 short track pack DLC and dominate the blue wave arena  [...]

[ Source: SimRace247 ]

Warcraft Rumble launches at BlizzCon on November 3  [...]

[ Source: HardwareZone ]

Retro-Inspired Indie Sea Of Stars Receives A New Switch Update  [...]

[ Source: Nintendo Life ]

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Goblinz Publishing - In Oaken embark on a quest to explore the Great Oak! Assemble allies and trinkets, master strategic positioning to your advantage, and make crucial decisions on how to upgrade your cards.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Review – Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue  [...]

[ Source: WayTooManyGames ]

Saltsea Chronicles is a ship without a captain  [...]

[ Source: Inverse ]

Crymachina Review (PS5) – Cry Me a Robot  [...]

[ Source: Finger Guns ]

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STAR OCEAN - We'll be at @MCMComicCon London! Join developers Yuichiro Kitao (Development Producer & Director), Kei Komaki (Producer) and Yukihiro Kajimoto (Character Design) live as they discuss remaking #StarOcean The Second Story, their career highlights, and answer questions from fans.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

World of Horror, A Cosmic Horror Filled 1-Bit RPG  [...]

[ Source: Lv1 Gaming ]

Eden’s Guardian Gets A New Trailer  [...]

[ Source: Nerdy Bird Games ]

Netflix expands game streaming beta to the United States  [...]

[ Source: KnowTechie ]

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Remedy Entertainment - The wait is almost over! Only five more days to go before you can return to Bright Falls... #AlanWake

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Alan Wake 2 PC requirements Ray Tracing and More Revealed  [...]

[ Source: eTeknix ]

Duet Night Abyss is an upcoming fantasy RPG, now open for pre-registration  [...]

[ Source: Pocket Gamer ]

Paranormasight is one of 2023’s best games and the perfect Halloween title  [...]

[ Source: MobileSyrup ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]

All the Leaks for Grand Theft Auto VI  [...]

[ Source: Cheat Code Central ]

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR update adds horde mode  [...]

[ Source: God is a Geek ]

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd - Review  [...]

[ Source: AOTF ]

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FINAL FANTASY XIV - Mark your calendars #Xbox fans! The #FFXIV Xbox Series X|S open beta test is scheduled to begin mid-January to February!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Blue Archive JP Announces Collab with A Certain Scientific Railgun  [...]

[ Source: oprainfall ]

Park Beyond - Beyond eXtreme out with mod support  [...]

[ Source: Mod DB ]

F-ZERO 99 adds 3 New Tracks and King League this Week  [...]

[ Source: Miketendo64 ]

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Aeternum Game Studios - Discover the ultimate #Metroidvania experience! AeternaNoctis is 60% off on #Steam featuring countless hours of fast-paced combat, frantic platform sections and a large interconnected map. Reclaim the throne of Aeterna.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Frogreign: Gameplay, Release Date, and Pricing Details  [...]

[ Source: Game Crater ]

Persona 4 Golden Limited Run Games Physical Editions Revealed, Pre-Order Go Live On October 27  [...]

[ Source: Console Creatures ]

Power Rangers Inspired VR Game Looks to Crowdfunding  [...]

[ Source: XR Source ]

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Petroglyph - ANNOUNCING 9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far by Petroglyph! The sequel to 8-Bit Armies is here. Dive into 30+ missions, co-op campaigns, new nautical warfare, and a world of mods with Steam Workshop. Wishlist on Steam.

[ Source: GameTikker ]

'Diablo IV' Players Can Donate Their Blood to Earn In-Game Rewards, Blood-infused PC Sweepstakes  [...]

[ Source: WorthPlaying ]

Game Review: ‘Vlad Circus: Descend Into Madness’  [...]

[ Source: HorrorFuel ]

Warframe: Dagath and Dorrclave Impressions  [...]

[ Source: Lords of Gaming ]

《  Upcoming new Games  》
What's next to Release?

Cities: Skylines II
Release date 24 October 2023

Release date 24 October 2023

Dark Envoy
Release date 24 October 2023

DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing
Release date 24 October 2023

Ghostrunner 2 (Brutal Edition)
Release date 24 October 2023

Just Dance 2024 Edition
Release date 24 October 2023

Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1
Release date 24 October 2023

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria
Release date 24 October 2023

StarCraft Spiritual Successor Stormgate Shares Playtest Results  [...]

[ Source: GameRevolution ]

Acquisition of by the Network  [...]

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Standard & Physical Copies of Sonic Superstars Can Be Upgraded To Digital Deluxe  [...]

[ Source: Sonic Stadium ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Dauntless - Gregario's Treasure Hunt Event is currently underway today until Oct 22! Get double weapon XP from Behemoth kills. Earn Hunt Pass XP to collect bonus bounty tokens. The Bosun's Bounty Event is also running this weekend, as promised!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

RoboCop: Rogue City for Switch cancelled  [...]

[ Source: Gematsu ]

Persona 3 Reload Trailer Introduces Junpei Iori  [...]

[ Source: 8Bit/Digi ]

Best Meta Quest 3 mixed reality games  [...]

[ Source: gHacks ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

SILENT HILL: Ascension - We've officially launched the #SILENTHILLAscension TikTok Account! We'll be sharing exclusive content and featuring all of you! Show us your SILENT HILL: Ascension reactions to decisions the audience makes!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Junji Ito-Inspired Roguelike World of Horror Comes to PS4 & PS5 Next Week  [...]

[ Source: PlayStation LifeStyle ]

Assassin’s Creed Mirage review – Navigating the Shadows  [...]

[ Source: TechStomper ]

World of Warcraft Dragonflight: Guardians of the Dream – Release date and everything we know  [...]

[ Source: WePC ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Minecraft - No tricks just treats as Spookyfest makes a startling return! Grab character skins, a new Lost Legend, and a suspicious recipe for free, then discover creepy curated content - all on Minecraft Marketplace from October 24 to 31!

[ Source: GameTikker ]

Preview - Pax Augusta  [...]

[ Source: LifeisXbox ]

Epic is giving away The Evil Within 1 and 2 for free  [...]

[ Source: PCWorld ]

Haunted House - Review (PS5)  [...]

[ Source: digitalchumps ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]